Submitted by Pablo Guarneros, 2016 Teens Dream Submitter from Mexico on Quality Education

Growing up, I constantly heard older generations affirm that “teenagers are lazy” or that “teenagers think they own the world, yet they know nothing.” This deeply affected me because whenever older people would have conversations about global issues, I was meant to sit quiet, not say anything, and never formulate my own worldview. Furthermore, whenever I told an older person about my dreams, they would just shrug them off as “teenager nonsense”. They told me that, one day, I would come face to face with reality. “That is when you will would learn about how the world truly works,” they said.

But here lies the dilemma: if I am told that I need to come to terms with reality by waiting, then there is no opportunity to enact change and formulate reality on my terms. What if those dreams I had before they were tossed out by older generations could come to change the way society functions?

Solving this dilemma is the reason why we need the Teens Dream competition. Through my participation this year, I formulated my own opinion and ultimately, a unique solution, on how to increase the quality within education facilities. By making a video, I was pushed to engage in a global debate rather than sit quietly hoping older generations would bring the change I wanted to see carried out. Thus, I considered my opinions with more validity and my role in society with more importance.

Today, I am working out the details to the solution I proposed in my video. Hopefully, I will prove the older generations wrong and help them realize that teens’ dreams are worth a listening.