By Teens Dream 2016 Winner, Adri Rosario

I was recently a winner in the Teens Dream competition for my video on improving education. Thanks to Teens Dream, I was set up with a mentor, Mr. Jim Abbot, who lives in my state of Georgia. Mr. Abbot has taught both in high school and college and has his Ed.M. in Teaching and Curriculum from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. I could not have been more honored to work with such a distinguished individual. My mentor meeting with Mr. Abbot turned out to be one of the most refreshing conversations I have ever had. Immediately, it was clear that we share the same passion for education. Discussing topics that my brain has marinated on for years with a professional who has experience in the field was priceless. Mr. Abbot allowed me to express my opinions on education in general, and there was a dynamic back-and-forth between us as we shared what we have both observed and encountered in our respective schools. He also guided me into considering my personal future as when he prompted me to think of my own classroom, 15 years from now. It is exciting to know there is motivation for change both from my end, in the youth perspective, and in the experienced perspective. The meeting furthered my motivation to dedicate myself to working on this issue. I am incredibly grateful both to Mr. Abbot and Teens Dream for giving me this opportunity and helping me accelerate my dream.