By Adri Rosario, Teens Dream Education Hub Ambassador

Most of us can identify a teacher who made an impact on our lives, whether through their exciting instruction or for their care and interest in us as individuals. We, at the Teens Dream Education Hub, want to figure out what makes those teachers so great. We are asking teens to interview their favorite teacher and write a blog about their experience. This way, we can celebrate our outstanding educators while also analyzing the qualities of a good teacher.  Your blog will be published on the Teens Dream website and on our Education Hub site!

If you plan on conducting the interview and writing the blog, please follow the guidelines and consider the tips below:


Potential questions

  • What motivates you as a teacher?
  • What’s one exciting method you use in teaching?
  • What are some of your characteristics that help you succeed in the classroom?
  • What are your thoughts on the state of education today?
  • What do you hope to see in the future of education?


  • This can be a short conversation where you get all that you need on the teacher’s end.
  • Tip: Ask if it’s okay to record the conversation. You most likely have a voice memo function on your device that you can do this with, and it will help you later if you need quotes for the blog


  • If possible, get a photo of you and your teacher together. If not possible, ask your teacher for a photo to accompany the blog.

Writing — Include:

  • Where you/your teacher are from
  • Why you chose the teacher
  • Interview material (the highlights)
  • General note on what makes a good teacher


  • Aim for 200-300 words. Be sure to explain everything, but also be concise about it


  • Write the blog to the best of your ability
  • We will review the essay and send back suggested edits
  • A blog will not be published until the author and Teens Dream representative are in full agreement that it is of the proper quality

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