By 2016 Teens Dream winner William Boucher from Paris, who along with his friend Ronan Geoffroy, made a winning video submission for Teens Dream on Eliminating Food Waste.

If I had to choose the teacher who made the greatest impact on me, I would, without hesitation, choose my 5ème (equivalent of 7th grade in the US) science teacher, Mr. Gregory. Before teaching at the Ecole Jeannine Manuel, a bilingual school in Paris, he lived in Canada where he majored in physics with a minor in education. What amazed me was how he was capable of taking something that might at first glance seem boring and turn it into an investigation where we could study a larger topic. I remember how he managed to explain how distribution of weight works through the manholes in our playground or how evaporation and freezing works through a cooking recipe! One characteristic that I admire is his desire to improve through student feedback.  By regularly asking for feedback, he is able to adapt his lessons to his students. Although simple, I believe that taking feedback can be the difference between an average teacher and a great one. He has a similar view and told me that he hopes “more teachers will begin to take feedback from pupils.” When asked what motivates him he simply replied “knowing I can make a difference,” a source that I also draw from when trying to reduce food waste.