Calling All Teens: Write About Your Favorite Teacher!

We have all have had that one teacher that was different. A teacher that actually made school a little less boring. A teacher that we owe a lot of thanks for helping us reach success. We at the Education Hub want to know what makes those teachers stand out, and we need your help!

Write a blog post about your favorite teacher and tell us:

  • What was unique about their teaching?
  • How did they make you feel as a student?
  • What is one characteristic you would say made them so great?
  • Anything else that makes them awesome!

You are welcome to mention your teacher by name or with quotes and include pictures per their permission OR leave them nameless and let your description stand for itself!

Your blog post will be featured on the Education SDG Hub and our social media!

The Education Hub will use these blogs to analyze the qualities of great teachers and find consistent patterns, ultimately uncovering what truly makes a great teacher.

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