Written by Teens Dream Arts Hub Ambassador Pablo Guarneros from Mexico who stars in this powerful ballet addressing gun violence — watch this short video here.
His Blog:  As students, we know how easily fear can seep into the hallways after hearing about yet another school shooting. Thus, in an effort to keep the nightmares on lock down, we try not to think about the issue, striving for a facade of silence as we click on instantly-generated memes about whatever other topic is circulating the internet , rather than push for impossible-to-create gun laws.
At TeensDream we want to give students an outlet for their insecurities and grievances. Therefore, we are providing the opportunity for students from around the world to respond to the UN Sustainable Goal of “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions” by having them share their thoughts about gun violence through dance, poetry, painting, and sculpture in an effort to build the first virtual, cross-cultural student exhibition at TeensDream. Although art might not always stop a bullet, it can drain some of the fear flooding our school hallways.  We plan to share this art on October 5th, 2018 at a special showing to coincide with our annual celebration of Teens Dream winners in Washington DC.