By William Boucher, Teen Ambassador of the Zero Hunger SDG Hub

For the past 9 months, I have been studying food waste in my school’s canteen. I weighed a few dozen plates before students ate in order to obtain the average weight of food served. I then collected the food left on their plate to obtain the average weight of food wasted. After repeating this process for more than 25 times throughout the school year I came to the conclusion that our canteen wastes more than one third of the food served. Some days, more food is wasted than it is eaten.

This study was impactful. Although I did know a high amount of food was wasted, I didn’t expect such a high rate. Seeing all the wasted food on the trays pushed me to think of new ideas to reduce food waste in my canteen. This data will be used as the foundation of my upcoming action plan, in addition to the presentations done to raise awareness. More on the action plan coming soon!

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