The Teens Dream Arts Hub hosted a public art show on October 5th to highlight teen artists work on gun violence.  The show, called “Triggered” brought together teen artists from Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, California, Mexico, and Romania to present their poetry, music, rap, dance, and paintings on gun violence.  The hour long show hosted by Arlington Independent Media was organized by the Teen Ambassadors of the Arts Hub, Sophia Alfred from Maryland and Pablo Guarneros of Mexico, with support from their mentor Almula Camdereli of Virginia. The Executive Producer, Nathan Bynum, interviews the artists after the show in the one hour production of Triggered as part of its program Youth Can Change the World.  The Teens Dream Arts Hub produced the show to call attention to gun violence which is a significant issue under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #16 on peace.  It plans to engage teen artists globally on other SDG topics and encourages interested teens to contact them at for more information.