Hi, my name is Cyril King and I’m a 16 year old Teens Dream winner from Connecticut.  I was thankful to be matched with a mentor and celebrated by Teens Dream for my video on LGTBQ equality.  My mentor Rebecca York is the Community Engagement & Youth Leadership Coordinator for SYMAL.  SYMAL is a great organization that opens many opportunities for LGBTQIA+ youth.  The mentorship allowed me the opportunity to discuss problems with the LGBTQIA+ community and how to solve those problems and more specifically to create a safe space in my community. One of the topics that we discussed was the lack comprehensive sexual education for LGBTQIA+ and how there needs to be a significant improvement in sexual education to establish that LGBTQIA+ youth have access to better health information and supportive environments. Another topic that we discussed is the organization of creating a safe space within my community where LGBTQIA+ teens can feel safe to be who they are without judgment or feeling disowned. Thanks to Rebecca York’s advice I already started to organize events for my GSA to create a safe space for LGBTQIA+ youth within my community to talk about sexual education, gender and sexuality studies. In the future, I hope to start a Teens Dream Equality SDG Hub to work with other teens to reduce the disparities of injustice and inequality worldwide regardless of sex, ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, age, disability, origin, religion, economic or another status. If you are interested in this, please contact info@teensdream.net.