Hi, my name is Maria Dragoi and I am an 18 year old student in Bucharest Romania who won the Teens Dream video contest for my video on quality education, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #4.  Teens Dream flew me to Washington DC to meet my mentor and celebrate my dream. How should I describe in a few words an experience of a lifetime? It was amazing! Meeting with my mentor, Kristine Kuhlman who teaches science in Fairfax County Virginia, was as if the Enlightenment Era came back exclusively to me in 2018. She made me believe that education can develop an innovative approach and she gave me the tools to make it happen. Now I am on my way in creating a web platform so teenagers from Romania can watch creative and fun videos about literary works to be studied for the Romanian Baccalaureate. I want quality education in Romania.  Kristine definitely made me believe in myself.  I am actually doing it and it is great!  See our Teens SDG Hub on Quality Education and connect with Maria and other teens working to make education more interesting!