Hi, I’m Ryann Chalmers, Teen Ambassador of the Teens Dream Mental Health Hub.  The week of March 9th-13th was our 8th Annual Wellness Week in Long Beach Polytechnic Highschool, which I helped organize.  It included rallies during lunch, workshops after school in the library, and on Friday, a health fair during lunch that brought many organizations to come out and educate kids on mental and physical wellness. Through these activities, kids were educated on how to better themselves and their lifestyle.  Each day included different themes that surrounded wellness:  

Monday: Motivation

Tuesday: Teamwork 

Wednesday: Inspiration and Calmness

Thursday: Relaxation and Taking Time to Re-energize

Friday: Finding the Right Resources (improve your lifestyle)

Sadly, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the school district had to cancel our health fair on Friday and the last workshop. But this week’s events on wellness has educated many kids at the school and brought fun to our campus.  I would love to talk with teens in other schools about how they can engage in a similar activity on their school campus. Join our Mental Health Hub with Teens Dream! For more info contact info@teensdreamcolab.org