By Marieka Staheli and Alex Trapanese, Climate Hub, Eco Teen Action Network

Orangutan habitats are disappearing due to widespread deforestation. ASRI and health and Harmony partnered in an effort to stop this in the Bornean forests. Affordable health care and organic farming were what Bornean people needed in order to support themselves without the profit earned from deforestation. With affordable health care and education on sustainable farming, the community could drastically reduce their deforestation and save orangutans in the Bornean region.

The approach ASRI and Health and Harmony took to the problem of deforestation and destruction of Bornean orangutan habitats was to ask the local community what it would take for illegal logging to stop. This tactic referred to in the article as “radical listening”, proved to be a success. Through listening to the local community’s explanation that the solution would need to include new education and resources for organic farming and better healthcare, the two organizations executed a plan that included the opening of an affordable health clinic and training in organic farming.

The creation of this solution emphasizes listening and providing education, much like that of the solutions to environmental issues created by the Eco Teen Action Network. ETAN adult leaders listen to teens in the SDG Hubs of the Global Co Lab Network and provide information and connections to solve issues teens are passionate about.  Join our teen-led Hub on Climate Change!

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