By Fatima Baloul, Teen Ambassador, Global Co Lab Gender Hub

When you are swimming in privilege, the inequity that occurs in the world can swirl beneath the surface. And it goes unnoticed. Currently, millions of marginalized individuals are undergoing harmful, gender-targeted violence and practices, including female genital mutilation and forced child marriages. Because of systemic racism, sexism, and patriarchy, women and girls have unequal educational and life opportunities, others lack reproductive rights, LGBTQ individuals experience discrimination, and millions of black women are mistreated and face pregnancy-related deaths. As teen changemakers, we wanted to address the overarching issue of gender inequity. We seek to create a collaborative space, designed to provide a global platform for communities to empower one another and discuss influential change for their particular needs.

Most recently, the Gender Equality SDG Hub is launching a podcast, called overHERd, designed to promote awareness and action around gender inequity. In this series, we will address the situations and honor the lives of beautiful individuals who are using their voices to empower others. We strive to shed light on women in education, postpartum depression, healthy masculinity, LGBTQ equality, navigating career and motherhood, challenges faced by minorities, gender norms, and social stigmas. The Gender Equality SDG Hub podcast, overHERd, is available on Spotify as well as Anchor. If you are interested in supporting our teens through being involved in our SDG Hub or learning more about us, see here. We would absolutely love for you to join!