By Defne Yaman, Member of Arts Hub, from Turkey

The Eco-Teen Action Network’s (ETAN) Arts Hub has launched its 2020 Global Youth Upcycling Challenge some time ago and now they’re organizing a webinar! As you may know, in partnership with ETAN’s  Plastics Hub and Globart; Arts Hub challenged you, the teens (ages 13-18), to submit photos of your upcycled artworks, jewelry, fashion, and decor items. If you don’t know what “upcycling” is, it is “to reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original”. So consider showing the world your talent by creating something original from plastic bottles, old textbooks, wood from your backyard, flat tires, etc.  Are you interested? Submit your work to this submission form or visit this blog to learn more about this challenge. 

But hold on! Maybe you’re not sure what to do or you need inspiration… Our team thought of that, too! Arts Hub is determined to introduce you to two amazing teen upcycling artists: Asia Butler and Diana Vicezar. If you join this webinar which will be on the 28th of August; you’ll learn more about upcycling, meet these artists, ask every question you have in mind, and boost your inspiration.

We want to quickly introduce the artists before ending this article. Asia Butler is a 15-year-old upcycling artist from Harbour Island Eleuthera, Bahamas. She will be talking about the bench she made from plastic bottles, wraps, and wood pallets. And you can actually sit on it which is really cool! Our other guest is Diana Vicezar. She is 18 years old and she has already done some amazing things!  She established an organization called “Mymba Rayhu” where they build shelters for abandoned dogs entirely from recycled materials. You can see the pictures of their inspiring work under this article.

Arts Hub wishes you’re as excited as they are. You can fill the participation form for the Upcycling Webinar from here. Note that the submission form for the upcycling challenge will close on September 15, so may the muses be with you! For more information and updates, please follow us on all social media platforms and/or email us at