Written by Ryann Chalmers, Teen Ambaassaador of the Co Lab’s Mental Health Hub

Our Global Co Lab Network Mental Health Hub is teen-led and meets virtually weekly to raise awareness on different mental health illnesses and provide resources through our social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and youtube. Our Hub posts educational slides frequently on our social media networks in order to keep the conversation going.

For this month we have created a Mental Health Hub mask that promotes “Be Kind to Your Mind”!   Please help us spread this message with our cute mask here!  You can buy our mask here – each $10 mask sold gives $2 to our Hub to help us continue our work!  

Mental Illness Awareness Week was earlier this month in October.  There are many ranges of mental health illnesses.  The commonly known ones are Anxiety Disorder and Depression while others are less commonly known such as borderline personality disorder, dissociation, and psychosis. Everyone in the world should be aware and educated on these different types of mental health challenges and work to reduce the stigma associated with them.  Even though this mental health campaign is only one week, we should be educating ourselves all year! 

Encourage teens to join our Mental Health Hub by taking this short orientation after which they will be invited to join our Hub!