By Hub Member Yosief Tewelde and Hub Ambassador Eryk Schumacher

The Zero Hunger SDG Hub is a resource for teens globally that want to end hunger and promote food sustainability in their own communities. This hub is focused on goal #2 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which is Zero Hunger.  The mission statement of the Zero Hunger SDG Hub: “We are a global community of teen changemakers who are empowering each other to eliminate hunger and create food sustainability in our own communities.”

Most recently, the Hunger Hub has embarked on a mission to educate teens on how they can propagate vegetables. So far we’ve presented to VA Arlington County’s Career Center Culinary Arts class. The presentation was great and shared info on the Hub and the types of things they have done in the past, such as a “Share Table” in D.C. where the youth learn how to share food and reduce food waste — it should not be seen as a bad thing — it is really great. They also shared a suggestion for a community garden that they want to start in Arlington – they are looking for teens in Arlington who want to help get that started. Then finally we learned about plant propagation, a great interactive way for all of us to get involved. Then finally we talked about how to join the Hub which you can do here.  Join us!  .