By Lauren Bigley, Member of Co-Lab Mental Health Hub

Thursday, May 19, 2022, marked the second annual Mental Health Action Day! MTV Entertainment Group and Mental Health Is Health, as well as various partners, are working together to spread awareness for mental health – but more than that, to shift from awareness to taking action. Here at the Global Co-Lab, we couldn’t be more excited!

What is Mental Health Action Day?

The first Mental Health Action Day was on May 20, 2021. According to the Mental Health Action Network, more than 1,400 nonprofit organizations, brands, government agencies, and leaders from 32 countries around the world participated in spreading the word. The purpose is to spread the word that people can take action to protect their mental health, just like they can protect their physical health. This year, it’s even bigger and better! 

How can I take part in Mental Health Action Day this year?

Though we all come together to raise awareness of mental health in the month of May, caring for your mental health is something you can do all year long. The theme of this year’s Mental Health Action Day is Connection, so take some time to connect with yourself and those who are most important to you. Every day is a good day to care for your mental health! No action is too small, and even if not every action works for you, it’s important to make an effort. Try meditating, breathing exercises, going for a short walk in nature, journaling, spending time with a pet or a family member, talking with someone you trust about what’s really going on in your mind, or listening to your favorite music. 

Check-in on your friends too – even when people look like they have it all together from the outside (and especially from social media!) most everyone is struggling with something, and a kind word of support can mean the world. 

Most of us are already on board with mental health awareness, but we really struggle to do something about it. Now’s your chance to take the next step and show that you truly care for mental health just as much as physical health!

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