By Sasha Kats, Ambassador of the Mental Health Hub

Summer can be one of the most stressful times of the year for teens. Whether it is the pressure of feeling like they have to hang out with people, the schoolwork they have to do over the summer, starting a new job or even their first job, or just finding a balance between hanging out with people and doing work. Many teens dread the summer hangouts, boat rides, sitting by the pool/beach, and just the fact that everyone is out and about. Teens who have trouble being productive, like myself, stress about how they are going to finish their summer schoolwork in time, while also maintaining a social life. Every teen has their stress during the summer, and I feel that the best way to get rid of stress is by finding a little time every day to do something that you want to do. That can be riding a bike, sitting and reading a book, or even (this one is my personal favorite) watching cartoons with one of your pets.  I hope you have found some ways to destress over this summer as we head into the Fall!  Join teens working globally on mental health issues in our Mental Health Hub!