2020 teen dream- Uplifting the Unhoused

2020 teen dream- Uplifting the Unhoused

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Aurora Sadasy
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My dream is to tackle homelessness through government programming that stands on four pillars: A. Ease of access to identification and educational documents, B. Technical assistance C. Mental health and hygiene programs and D. Workforce/ entrepreneurship programs. 


In recent years we have seen a spike in the amount of unhoused people though it is primarily known that the leading cause of homlessness is the lack of affordable housing available. What is lesser known is how the inability to obtain documents can trap you in homelessness. Without an ID you are  completely helpless unable to receive medical care, apply for social services, cash in checks, apply for food stamps  and in some instances even enter homeless shelters. Keeping  you shut out of Federal, state and county buildings built to help the homeless. Making it virtually impossible to escape the cycle. 


This four pillar program titled “HOME” a program that would allow more social mobility through providing these documents.  


First: Nationwide, states should stop charging people to obtain their ids as well as providing birth certificates making it easier to provide verification. This will not only help provide better accessibility to resources to the homeless but poor and undocumented people as a whole. 


Second:  To ensure the security of this program I propose that shelters can have a national database storing their information so they can have the person’s information on file, allowing them to have a record and protection of their identity while they are homeless. As well as  Training for unhoused people with up to date technology software. 


Third: Now with these ids, there is better access to medical care. 

Lastly: Allowing for the transference of information in order for them to get assistance finding jobs, housing and social security so they can better transition into empowered members of society.

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