2020 Teens Dream - Equal education opportunities

2020 Teens Dream - Equal education opportunities

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Johanna Ledoux
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Our dream is to provide pens, notebooks, and other materials to schools in need. We want to do this by collecting forgotten lost and found materials at the end of the school year and sending them to schools we are in contact with. We hope that the simplicity of this model will appeal to other school students who might want to do the same. 


In this video, we present the way we have begun to recycle school materials and why it is important. From our own experience, we know how crucial pens, paper, notebooks, markers, and other resources are to learning in the classroom. Quality classroom materials are the basis for quality education.


Education can be life-changing. It means that more people can analyze their surroundings and think about them critically. It means that more people will be aware of the problems we are facing today and possible solutions. The more people think about issues such as global warming and the changes to come in our world, the more ready we will be to face them. 

Quality education makes us optimistic about facing the future. We are few but we want to make a change.

The UN SDG my dream most relates to