2020 Teens Dream- Food Equity through Kindness

2020 Teens Dream- Food Equity through Kindness

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José Pablo Álvarez Preinfalk
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My story, my dream

Once upon a time before the pandemic, I was with my mom coming out of our local grocery store. It was quite late at night but as we were heading to the parking lot, we caught a glimpse of an old homeless lady begging for something to eat. My mom, being the most amazing person ever, handed her canned food that we had just recently bought.

Fast-forward some hours later and you will find me, going to bed and reflecting a little on that experience and thinking how convenient and useful it would have been to have some way of connecting kind and loving people through technology. Fast-forward even more and you´ll find my teacher explaining this incredible project related to the sustainable development goals. It was thanks to this amazing initiative that I had the chance to really begin and develop my ideas regarding a connected, kind, and giving Costa Rican society.
My dream is to create an online network inside our communities in which people can help others by donating food items. By doing this, people who are suffering greatly from the economic effects of the pandemic will have relief in the medium term; nevertheless, this platform will stick around for as long as required (until there´s zero hunger) and support people who really need it. My aspiration is to create solidarity and improve the amount of kindness and good acts people give in their lives.

The UN SDG my dream most relates to