2020 Teens Dream-Gender Equality

2020 Teens Dream-Gender Equality

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Michelle Villalba
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My dream is to stop sexual harassment by holding perpetrators accountable through training; sex education and to bring awareness to the issue. 433,648 victims. 1 out of 6 females. 1 out of 10 males. Every 73 seconds, someone is sexually assaulted. Sexual violence affects victims’ relationships with their family, friends, and co-workers. Victims are to blame yet it’s not their fault. They don’t wake up and decide to dress a certain way to be assaulted. So how can we help prevent this? To help females and overall victims of sexual harassment. My solution is to  


First put the offenders on a new kind of probation (not incarceration) with these program steps. They wouldn’t be allowed to go to work or get hired until they complete the steps. They will be put down on record in an app that shall notify police and the local area. 


Next: is to hold these perpetrators accountable through training where a therapist verifies competency. They’ll take part in an ongoing sex education program to bring awareness to the issue and to understand the impact of their actions, by being in community with assault survivors. They’ll hear authentic stories and see the person to understand the damage their actions have caused, as well as healing and or identifying if the perpetrator themselves have been a victim of assault. 


Lastly, for us to do our part. If we see something, say something. We have to be an active part of stopping any sexual assault by calling a local or national hotline, spreading the word or calling police. 


After these steps, we’ll live in a kind of world where we feel more safe. We won’t have to worry about carrying teasers or be worried about the dead of night. We’ll be able to step into a train car and go home.

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