2020 Teens Dream – Gender Equality

2020 Teens Dream - Gender Equality

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duru turna
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The fifth goal of the United Nations’ sustainable development is the gender equality of society. The gender equality is the perception of the society about genders. The countries give the equal rights to the people,but the people  form the perception of equality by their attitudes. The studies in my dreams start from pre-school education.I think if we start somewhere, this must be the beginning. It should be tried to eliminate the thoughts such as toys, colors and occupations’ gender even at that age. If a girl doesn’t have a distinction in her mind, she might want to be a pilot, play with cars and wear blue. Especially., we should start from the regions where gender inequality is felt more prominently. For example, it would be a good idea to form UNWOMEN’s representative offices that aim to raise children’s awareness

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