2020 Teens Dream – Kalokagathia

2020 Teens Dream - Kalokagathia

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Nikita Dutta
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My vision is to start a movement. This movement would consist of several initiatives including women’s health centers, sanitation stations, and educational resources. Many cities in Nepal are severely underdeveloped and poverty-stricken with treacherous roads and little to no access to electricity. The implementation of these initiatives would start a conversation, and I see immense value in simply starting a conversation because it would open the door to infinite possibilities. It is important to realize and empathize with the fact that women, regardless of their choice, have been forced to participate in this practice for centuries. For women to be empowered to take control of their bodily autonomy and make their own choices, a safe and encouraging environment would need to be fostered. Most importantly equality and justice would be promoted. My idea to provide women access to equal opportunity in Nepal is merely a concept curated by the depths of my imagination, yet I imagine myself acting upon it in the future when I have acquired the necessary resources to succeed in my mission. I crave to gain a global perspective so I can further fuel my passion to advocate for and create positive change because there is endless opportunity for substantial growth.

The UN SDG my dream most relates to