2020 Teens Dream – Let’s Support Education!

2020 Teens Dream - Let's Support Education!

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Aidan Stevens
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Our world is currently very disconnected, where many nations and kids grow up disconnected from world awareness. While this can be a necessarily good thing in terms of ensuring kids don’t become afraid of some issues, this still has developed into a larger problem of ignorance and “leaving the problem to others.” My dream is to get our world more connected through educating one another to better understand our differences to come together in unity. By bringing a new sense of understanding, the world can bring a new definition of empathy and understanding. We can further understand one another’s conflicts, and work to resolve differences and settle dust left in the air. My dream isn’t for “just world peace,” but to bring peace between conflicts so we can better understand how we began fighting in the first place, and in return to resolve such conflicts.

The UN SDG my dream most relates to