2020 Teens Dream (Life Below Water/Trash for Cash)

2020 Teens Dream (Life Below Water/Trash for Cash)

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Aiden Gray
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Our dream is to have people volunteer to pick up trash on beaches, and maybe get some small rewards in return. It relates to our UN SDG because, in short, the less trash that is on the beach, the less trash gets in the water. And if there is less trash in the water, less animals consume it, often making them sick and at times causing them irreversible damage.

-Aiden, Julian, and Gabriel

P.S. We had a really tough time cutting our video down to two minutes, and ended up with a final product that lasted about two minutes and 19 seconds. We hoped that was ok and really enjoyed making it. Thanks!

P.P.S. In the picture I (Aiden), am standing with my two little brothers on the day that we went to get our holiday picture taken. Bye!

The UN SDG my dream most relates to