2020 Teens Dream – Reducing to Grow

2020 Teens Dream - Reducing to Grow

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Chae Yeon Kim
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My dream has always been about media. However, it hasn’t been long since I’ve come to learn the powers of media and its impact on society. Advancement has brought about both disadvantages and advantages to our society. While we’ve come to reap the benefits of the growths in industry, agriculture, and production, we are know up against a new enemy: nature’s degradation. Now we need to be more conscious of the consequences of our exploitation of Mother Nature. It’s not about what we’re lacking, but what we’re losing with the overconsumption of our seemingly plentiful resources. With this in mind, my dream is to become an advocate of our society’s issues through one of the greatest advancements of our times: media and technology. This dream moves me today to share not only the problems of our consumption and production systems, but also the steps we can take to change the downfall of our actions. By making this video I wanted share how the seemingly harmless actions of our everyday lives can create a big impact on our environment, and the power of small changes in our daily routine to save the earth from environmental pollution and climate change.

The UN SDG my dream most relates to