2020 Teens Dream – The Free Release from Homelessness

2020 Teens Dream - The Free Release from Homelessness

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Samson Baker
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My dream relates to the UN SDGs one; poverty. My dream is to end the homeless epidemic in the most economically effective and efficient way possible, freedom. Freedom, from overreaching government rules and regulations. Which cause mountains of debt for the already poor and uneducated alike. This is because modern rules and regulations are no longer common sense. They are way to complex for an average man to understand. Putting these people in debt with taxes and fees makes it worse. Once those individuals have gone bankrupt they are no longer able to fully participate in the economy. They have no extra money to spend on other goods and services. No money to spend on investments in others or new opportunities. Eventually making them have to take handouts from the very government that made them poor.

The UN SDG my dream most relates to