2020 Teens Dreams - Gender Equality - We Will Not Be Tamed

2020 Teens Dreams - Gender Equality - We Will Not Be Tamed

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Jibeh Fatty
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My dream is to end Female Genital Mutilation around the world by creating a book called “We Will not be Tamed”.

My name is Jibeh Fatty. I am 16 years old and I originated from Gambia, West Africa. I am a survivor of type one female genital mutilation Survivors of FGM never expected their family to surrender to such a barbaric cycle. They were sexually assaulted by strangers and sometimes even family members that were supposed to protect them and keep them safe. It is estimated that over 200 million girls have undergone female genital mutilation, and 3 million more  girls are at risk. FGM is practiced in 30 countries in Africa the Middle East, and Asia. FGM is violation to women’s rights, children´s rights and it has no place in our future generation.

We will not be Tamed is a list of multiple rights and testimonials that intersect with the conditions of the FGM practice and will empower women to take  action. To build alliances between one another, by running for office, leadership roles, creating groups to address FGM like village groups in Kenya.

The book will be a living online document that will be created as I travel the world recording real account stories like my story, collaborating with advocates and survivors.

The book will shift mindsets by including positive affirmations, poetry, success stories, breaking toxic cycles of abuse by creating their own power centers. Younger generations will now be in a position to break generational chains.

Distribution of the book will happen in targeted FGM risk areas: community centers, villages, refugee camps, recreation centers and girls clubs.

We will not be Tamed is a Global book that will be in several languages, and will change women’s lives by creating a world where women live in triumph.

The UN SDG my dream most relates to