2020 Teens Dreams - Good Education

2020 Teens Dreams - Good Education

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Michelle Villalba
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My dream is to prevent sexual assault by fostering a culture of consent in early education with the program (MY CONSENT). Approximately 70% of rape or sexual assault victims experience moderate to severe distress, a larger percentage than any other violent crime. And most who are sexually assaulted, are students who attend school. Students as young as 14, are assaulted in a place where we believe is safe. The reason for this, lack of education. Students aren’t taught sex education till they attend high school but by then, it is too late. But even then, the topics in a class such as this, won’t help. The solution starts when we start making sex education a mandatory full year class. 


First, we’ll start teaching this program as early as third grade. Providing resources to potential youth that could be suffering assault and ways to support them inside and outside school environments. 


Topics will be discussed at least one full month, topics such as what is consent, how to maintain that wall up till you’re ready or what to do if you find you’re in a situation you aren’t comfortable with. 


Third, we’ll provide guest speakers that have been through this, whether they’re professionals or survivors of the assault. 


Lastly, we’ll provide informational newsletters for both children and parents every month so they too are aware of the dangers their kids can walk into. 


This may not put a complete automatic stop to sexual assault but it’s a start towards ending assault and making consent the norm in early education. Kids will feel a lot safer, being in an environment where it’s an assault free zone. 

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