2020 Teens Dreams - Zero Hunger- Hunger Link

2020 Teens Dreams - Zero Hunger- Hunger Link

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Jibeh Fatty
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My dream is to end hunger in NYC by distributing HUNGER LINK resources that will help people in need find soup kitchens and supplies. New York City is acknowledged for its rich and diverse cultures. In the city that never sleeps, a child lays wake wondering where her next meal is coming from. Everyone should have food. Food is a necessity of life, without it we can’t live. Nearly 1.1 million New Yorkers don’t have enough food while approximately 3.9 million tons of good food is wasted per year. Where it decays and contributes to methane which is more harmful than carbon dioxide.

First I will change that by making THE HUNGER LINK LAW an anti food waste act that expands on the NYC Food Donation and Food Scrap Recycling Law still in progress. This act will mandate that ALL food businesses must never throw out good food but rather donate it directly at their locations or to food centers who will distribute this food to those who need it.

Next, let’s spread the word With the electronic kiosk called LINK found on every major street in New York City.

The LINK is the most accessible way for people in need to get information … it’s in the public, you don’t need the internet. Now my program HUNGER LINK will make it mandatory to provide electronic local maps with information about donation centers locations and hours. It will be in multiple languages to serve a diverse community. It will also include a list of food businesses that are giving away food under the HUNGER LINK LAW.

Every citizen can also locate where to donate in their local area and volunteer to serve. It’s everyone’s responsibility. How about we save food and save lives. It takes everyone to change the cycle.

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