2021 Teen dream competition- A world with equal opportunities

2021 Teen dream competition- A world with equal opportunities

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Diana Carolina Izasiga Cabrera
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my dream is to have an equitable society in which education is lase. I consider that the most vulnerable group are orphaned children and adolescents. Many of them spend years waiting for an adoptive couple or sometimes they are never adopted.

Faced with this problem, Harvesting my future was born, where Peruvian children and young people develop their technical and soft skills. For this it is essential that they are trained in programming, video editing and basic graphic design. As well as leadership skills where critical judgment and empathy will be fostered without neglecting dancing and singing.

For those under 13 years of age, they will be taught about the cava business model, debate, dance or performance.

My purpose is that when our young people come of age they have all the tools and knowledge to choose an activity to which they are going to dedicate themselves all day.

In the long term Consehando mi futuro plans to be an academy outside the orphanages so that children and adolescents can travel to new environments. Likewise, it is also helpful for any young person who wishes to train. In this way there will be a networking between the young people from orphanages and those who are not.

My project is related to SDG 4 on education and the 10 years of about reducing inequalities.

The UN SDG my dream most relates to