2021 Teens Dream – (Climate change and pollution)

2021 Teens Dream – (Climate change and pollution)

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Mariama Barry
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Pollution is a serious problem that cannot be reversed. A lot of people think,
that pollution, or does not exist and is a scam that the government invents to make us pay
more or exists, but that is something that will happen in the future. And it is
totally wrong. Pollution is something that is happening now! It is very important to do
something to change it.

The environment pollution will not affect your parents or the elderly we see
on the streets, pollution will affect us and our generations.

Do you think that it is fair that our great-grandparents found themselves in a totally breathable world, with animals
that they are now extinct and with clean beaches and that we find the opposite?
Do you think it is really fair? I want a better world, I want my children and my grandchildren and
my whole generation, live on a moderately good planet. Although it is not possible now
go back and get all the carbon dioxide out of our atmosphere, I will do all
possible to recycle and not pollute, because in the same way as you want a world
breathable and clean, so will our generations.

My dream: to live on a totally clean planet, but dreams, dreams will always be dreams.

The UN SDG my dream most relates to