2021 Teens Dream-Today and Tomorrow

2021 Teens Dream-Today and Tomorrow

Teen's Name
Ege Aydıner, Ayça Orhan, İdil İn, Aşkıala Yücel, Yiğit Özenen, Nehir Avcı, Derin Artun Şenol, Ecem Aydın, Emel Tohumcuoğlu
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Teen's Dream

Our dream is to show people where is the world going. Because world is being dragged to chaos right now. We might not be able to make everyone aware of this danger but if we start from small things like us, a group of highschool students trying to help the world, we can manage this goal.

In our short-film we tried to show you different behaviours that changes with years and how it effects the temperature of the planet.

We hope you enjoy our short-film.



The UN SDG my dream most relates to