2021 Teens Dreams - Responsible consumption and production

2021 Teens Dreams - Responsible consumption and production

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Mireia Font Planas
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Jordi and Mireia’s dream is to help our local community reduce food waste by promoting a circular economy. In our town we could create an exchange bank of food to be wasted. All local people can take part in this group, in two different ways: they can be suppliers or consumers.

Suppliers are the people who give away food that is in a poor condition: waste food, damaged food, expired food, overproduction, …. 

Consumers are the people who are going to reuse this food so that it is NOT WASTED. HOW?  They can use it to make compost for their orchards or feed to farm animals such as chickens, goats, sheep, etc.

So this group has a meeting point, where all participants can get in contact with each other. At this place you can find the way to contact the person who you are going to make the exchange. Suppliers can get some rewards, for example: local shops can get publicity in our social media and individuals that give wasted food can get discounts in local shops.

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