2022 Teens Dream - "A Healthy Evolution of Life on Planet For All"

2022 Teens Dream - "A Healthy Evolution of Life on Planet For All"

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Awesha Ali Mengal
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My dream is to address climate change and environmental issues to sustain a healthy evolution of life on the planet for all.This aligns with SDG #13 “Climate Action” and SDG #15 “Life on Land.”

Pakistan is vulnerable to the impact of climate change with heatwaves, droughts, and heavy rainfall adversely affecting health, economy, and food security, as well as the environment and biodiversity.

The extreme heatwaves and destructive floods in 2022 serve as a stark warning that natural disasters brought on by climate change have the potential to seriously hamper Pakistan’s development and efforts to fight poverty. More than 8 million people have been left homeless, over 1,700 individuals have died, and 33 million people are affected as a result of these calamities. There have been significant losses and damages totalling more than $30 billion dollar to infrastructure, assets, crops, and livestock.

The Germanwatch Annual Report (2020) classified Pakistan as the fifth most climate-vulnerable country. This is causing global warming, which is a serious threat to life on earth.

However, the media reporting and public awareness of climate and environmental issues are almost zero.

To address these, I want to develop a project to organize young teenage students (13-18) into groups, empower them through sensitising on climate and environment issues and protection, providing them plateforms (Climate And Environment Protection Clubs) and then engage them in a clean-and-green environment campaign that involves planting 1000 trees and raising public awareness.

Furthermore, we will identify and share video stories from communities affected by climate change, sensitize journalists to report climate and environmental issues in media, and advocate for policy action to stop deforestation and promote afforestation.

The UN SDG my dream most relates to