2022 Teens Dream – Affordable and Clean Energy

2022 Teens Dream – Affordable and Clean Energy

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AbdulBasit Bashir
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Nigeria has been described as an attractive destination for waste exporters, sadly has no formal recycling sector for the safe management of e-waste. On average, about 500,000 tons of electronic and electrical equipment get dumped in workshops, open spaces, water sources, and landfills every month. The spread of e-waste poses a real danger to both human health and the environment given that Africa lacks policies and structures to manage and recycle the material.

My dream is to solve this problem by upcycling e-wastes such as batteries, solar panels, computers, UPS e.t.c. to produce a cost effective and affordable solar generators that will enable households and businesses generate electricity without having to depend of fuel generator.

This problem goes inline with SDG 7.

The UN SDG my dream most relates to