2022 Teens Dream – ( Affordable and Clean Energy)

2022 Teens Dream – ( Affordable and Clean Energy)

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Soluchi Chidiomimi Chine
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The World consumes an alarming rate of energy on a daily basis. Majority of the energy is generated from fossil fuels and nuclear sources which has done more harm than good to man and the ecosystem. 

According to the World Health Organization an estimated 13 million deaths around the world each year is related to avoidable environmental causes mostly from pollution, owing to the massive use of energy from fossil fuels. Hazardous effects of these energy sources include global warming, medical problems(respiratory cancers, skin cancers, genetic mutations etc), affectation of aquatic life, reduced plant yield and growth…

However, these forms of largely non-renewable and non-eco friendly fuels can be replaced and the pollution they cause including other adverse effects curbed for a healthier world to emerge. To start with, more awareness can be created on clean energy and people educated on ways to procure gadgets that use  these forms of energy. Furthermore, currently available gadgets that use renewable and clean forms of energy such as solar power can be subsidized so that more people can afford them. Also, governments and non- governmental organizations can collaborate for  investments in energy infrastructure and clean technology. 

To conclude, it remains my passion and life mission for the world to enjoy reliable, affordable, sustainable, renewable, modern and clean energy in the near future.

The UN SDG my dream most relates to