2022 Teens Dream - Quality education through non-academic reading

2022 Teens Dream - Quality education through non-academic reading

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Eboka Terry Nanje
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Nowadays most people are very reluctant to read or to even explore books outside their academic scope. My dream is geared towards initiating a reading culture in schools notably those without resources like libraries. It stemmed from my experience transitioning to high school. In my new school, I discovered that the students there engaged a lot in reading non-academic books. I also observed a better academic performance among those students compared to my previous school. So, I carried out a survey to confirm my hypothesis on the impact of reading non-academic books. The survey results were positive

I envision not only igniting a reading culture among students, but also encouraging the exploration of a wide range of different genres; Unlike common happenings, I would like to find science students getting immersed in history texts/literary pieces 

Similarly I’d like to find arts students getting immersed in scientific articles 

I believe one of the impacts of reading is that it broadens one’s mind 

So by encouraging such diversity in the types of books people read, I think it can be advantageous to future readers and inadvertently influence our education—SDG 4!


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