2022 Teens Dream - Sexual and Reproductive Health

2022 Teens Dream - Sexual and Reproductive Health

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Kah Angel Courage Zia
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The need for literacy in the domain of reproductive health is of utmost importance in my community. A community plagued by the adverse effects of improper reproductive health care. The need of reproductive and sexual health education is significant to me because I have had several encounters with young people especially teenagers who were ignorant about their reproductive health and this had caused them a lot of pain and trauma. Educating young people has the potential to reduce the negative effects illiteracy comes along with such as, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, abortions, birth control methods, care of baby and mother, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and safe sexual practices.

As a reproductive health advocate, I feel the need for reproductive health education in order to create awareness and sensitize young people. Again, it provides knowledge about the menstrual cycle,prevention of early pregnancies, solutions and information in case of rape.

Being  an advocate of the SDGs , this is in line with SDG 3 , Good health and wellbeing but I realized that dealing with this sdg it also affect SDGs 1,2,6,8.

I believe that this competition will enable me to acquire the necessary resources to use to educate myself to learn more and help teenagers in my community through Talks, in- person and online discussion by also partnering with trained personnel.

Also, I will leverage on social media platforms,  partner with Radio and TV stations in order to air reproductive health care information. Furthermore,  I will create sexual reproductive health clubs in schools

I believe that this will not just bring change to my community but go a long way inspire others beyond my community to do same and bring the change we all love to see.




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