2022 teens dream - Smart farm

2022 teens dream - Smart farm

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Agriculture has always been an essential part of our lives and is a major contributor to our economy. Unfortunately, the number of young people who are interested in agriculture has been decreasing over the years.

This is why I believe that with the development of smart farms, we can create a more engaging and interactive way of learning about agriculture. By using QR codes and Artificial Intelligence, students can get access to information about the plants and animals on the farm, which will help them to gain a better understanding of how the farm works. In addition, the use of AI will allow us to monitor the farm more closely, which will help us to improve the quality of the land and the produce.

This is why I believe that creating a smart farm is an important step towards achieving SDG 4, which is Quality Education. It will not only help to increase students’ interest in agriculture, but it will also help to provide them with quality education about the importance of agriculture in our lives.


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