2023 Teen's Dream - Sustainable Cities and Communities

2023 Teen's Dream - Sustainable Cities and Communities

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Tandangwe Mbeghe Horline
Teen's Grade
Teen's Dream

From the research I have done about Engineers and the field of Engineering, I have kept it in mind that Engineers are “problem solvers” in other words “ solution makers.”

In Cameroon and most other African countries, opportunities are limited for students to practice or have an experience in the field they are aspiring to pursue in higher studies, especially Young Engineers. In school, there is more theory than specialization or proper practices.

This is not my main concern, my concern is that faced with such community problems which are most a times related to repair and maintenance, the teens become vulnerable because not only they lack funds but they equally lack the capacity to put their ideas into action.

Alternatively, one thing that pieces me up with problems found in cities is that it affects both the rich and poor. By doing so, it slows down the rate of economic activities and hence economic growth.

As an aspiring engineer passionate about bringing change to my community by making cities well developed and more eco friendly with sustainable features, my dream is to help manage the city problems without waiting on the government. But rather the help of other teens, affected societies and the world at large.

In return, they would learn how to work in teams, gain critical thinking, leadership, problem analysis and solution design skills which are all good qualities of a good engineer.

Young and talented Teen Engineers must rise to change the community around and further away from them.

The UN SDG my dream most relates to