Artificial Intelligence For Qualified Education

Artificial Intelligence For Qualified Education

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Aslı Balaban
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Hello, today I’ll talk about qualified education and an implement which is necessary for this high caliber education, namely Artificial Intelligence.

I can say that Artificial Intelligence is the best for qualified education. Why? Because we use AI for education a lot and AI is really beneficial for education. For example we use AI to meet the requirements of the student needs. As you know there are lots of programs such as Duolingo, English Central etc. They help us to learn something new or they help us to remember the lesson that we forget. For example I use English Central in my spare time and when I see a new word that I don’t know, I let the program to repeat that word. So in time I can learn this word. Also by means of these programs or other things that operate with AI, we may receive some helpful feed backs. In that way our performance can be monitored to us, to provide remark weather our approaches are enough or not or do we need help? And if we need help, AI warns our teacher. And the teacher can help us to improve this lecture.

Thank you.

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