chloramines filter

chloramines filter

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Omar Mohamed Elkomey
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my dream is concentrating more on the people who do not  have water because I travelled to Africa once and saw many people who do not have it. the clean water affects on the people health mostly in the children health because if you have clean water you will grow healthy without health problems or other problems in most conditions. in the poor countries or poor people conditions they do not have money and the cost for having filter on the house is high.

I want to make the filter chloramines because the cost of it comparing to the efficiency is low. the efficiency of it is from96% to 97  and it make gallons from 10 to 15 clear in a minute.

it relates to the united by the clean water and sanitation is one of this problems and it wants to solve it because many countries around the world is affected from it.

The UN SDG my dream most relates to