The Co-Lab trains teen Hub leaders and members with monthly short mini skills training at our monthly All Hands Meetings – recordings below for easy reference!

How to Write an Agenda and Lead a Meeting

See Video presentation by Becca of Hunger Hub and the recording of the December All Hands Meeting here.

Building Leadership through Vulnerability and Self Confidence

How to engage on Social Media

See the recording of the February All Hands meeting with Social Media skills training here.

Social Media Presentation by Carolina Jones here.

Project Management Training

Project Management Presentation here.

How to Give an "Elevator Pitch" presentation at May 7 2022 All Hands Mtg

See the recording of the May All Hands meeting with Elevator Pitch training here.

How to Lobby presentation

See the recording for the August All Hands meeting including how to Lobby Presentation here.

Teen Speed Advice Presentation:  Mental Health

See the recording for the September All Hands meeting including Teen Speed Advice Webinar at 23:16 here.

How to Engage in Virtual Reality:   SDG Metaverse Prize

See Link here at minute 26 for overview from October All Hands Mtg.

How to Understand Implicit Bias:  For Teens By Teens

See Link here for Racial Justice Hub Presentation at December All Hands Mtg on Implicit Bias.

Learn About United Nations, SDGs, and High Level Political Forum at UN and how the Co Lab Engages

See Link here for February 2023 All Hands Mtg on the United Nations.

Learn About Fundraising for and with the Co Lab!

See Link here for March 2023 Skills Training on Fundraising

Learn About How The Co Lab is Making a Documentary!

See Link here for May All Hands Skills training on the Documentary that the Co Lab Teens are Making!